Hello! Thank you for helping on this retreat. It is going to be a great weekend. Please pray over this list below and choose 2 or 3 topics you think you would want to give a witness about. Then at our meeting on Sunday, Feb 18th at 4pm you can make a request for the witness that you want to give. Just know, Jessica and I will be the ones making the final choice of who is giving what witness and when; we will do this through prayer and discernment.    

The topics of the witnesses are as follows:

Teen Witness "Receive" #1 ______________- On letting Jesus into your life.

With an emphasis on a time when you were open to Jesus coming into your heart.

KEY CONCEPTS • We need to make a decision on these weekends to be open to Gods actions • There will be many distractions that come to us this weekend; we need to do our best to remove them  • We need to do our best to not anticipate on retreat but rather participate fulling in the retreat

Teen witness "Pursuit" #2_______________ – On a time when you made a response to God’s calling.

With an emphasis on a time when you pursued God. 

KEY CONCEPTS • We make decisions every day that are motivated by the pursuit of happiness. • God gives us free will to either seek heavenly joy through the pursuit of the Beatitudes or temporal happiness through the pursuit of worldly goods. • Happiness is a desire placed upon our hearts by God that only He can fulfill. Rather than just pursuing happiness, we must pursue God.

Teen witness "Overcoming" #3______________ – On a time when you let God’s grace into your life to help you improve.

With an emphasis on time when you overcame a bad habit because of God's grace and law. 

KEY CONCEPTS • God has given us the law or instructions on how to follow Him. Both the Old Testament and the New Testament Law benefit us by helping us learn how to live well and seek out eternity with Him in heaven. • The New Law fulfills and expands the Old Law (Ten Commandments) by revealing the foundation of love behind God’s teachings. • God gives us grace to help us follow His Law and align ourselves more closely with His will in our lives.

Guy / Girl Session "Centered"  (Teen Witness #4)_______/__________ Blessed are the Pure of Heart

KEY CONCEPTS • How modesty and chastity lead us closer to Jesus • What does a Christ centered dating relationship look like?   • How can we let God into our relationships

Teen witness "Fighter" #5_________________ – On a time when you made a decision to stand for Christ despite the negative pressures.

With an emphasis on conversion of heart and trusting God and His plan for you.  

KEY CONCEPTS • Jesus has given us the gift of a conscience so that we can know the difference between right and wrong. • Since we are imperfect and live in an imperfect world, our conscience can be malformed. • To live the life that Jesus calls us to, we must allow Jesus to teach our conscience the difference between right and wrong. This allows us to trust our conscience.

Teen Witness "Surrender" #6_____________ - How the Church took me closer to Christ and has guided me. 

With and emphasis on you having excitement for living out the gospel. 

KEY CONCEPTS • Since we live in such a different time than the one Jesus lived in, it can be difficult to see how His teachings apply to us and even more difficult to accept that guidance when we hear it. • Jesus gave the Holy Spirit to the Church so that He could guide the Church even after His Ascension into heaven. • Since the Holy Spirit guides the Church, we are called to give the obedience of faith to her.


There are a total of 7 witnesses if we have two share during guy/girl session.